The utilization of regular stone, natural woods, a chimney, and far-reaching windows expanding amazing perspectives establishes the pace promptly after entering the new terminal. Situated close to the unbelievable Sun Valley Resort, meticulousness is a guiding principle of territorial engineering. Friedman Memorial mentioned a solid new vision to change the current traveler terminal into an office that speaks to the region's rich normal environment and dynamic ways of life.

As a component of a governmentally ordered security region improvement venture, the current terminal was altered to make the terminal progressively roomy and easy to understand. Also, another security checkpoint was added to meet current guidelines. Resort mountain air terminals are extraordinary in both customers served, and stuff handled.

Accommodation and comforts were drivers for all plan choices. The outcome is a traveler terminal, generally twofold the size of the first that incorporates engineering and workmanship in a manner that promptly puts the traveler in Sun Valley. From drop-off to remove, the traveler procedure is consistent. Similarly, a hotel experience ought to be.

The traveler terminal at the air terminal offers the accompanying offices and administrations. There is free wifi web network, car rental vehicle offices, work areas, photograph display, baggage carousel, bathrooms, shopping, and eating foundation. Different offices offered at the air terminal incorporate parking zones.